Precise instruction and guidance while finding stability in your yoga practice?



VeraBorrmann Team 1 - One to One


Working one-to-one with you, I offer you 60 or 90 minutes of yoga to you, especially for you, your condition and goals.


All questions welcome!


One session includes:

Pranayama (breathwork and observation)

Asanas (yogaposes to stretch, increase stillness and strenght)

Adjustments & ev. Thai Yoga Massage Elemente (adjustments and eventually massage elements)

Shavasana (final relaxation)


The session is especially designed for you and your needs and therefore very effective and beneficial. Of course we can work on special poses as well. The qualities tamas (dullness) and rajas (too much activity, aggression) will get balanced through the practice and strenghten the quality sattva (powerful stability and balance).


The aim of a yoga session is to cultivate stillness, regeneration, stability and to recharge. Your sensibility and your awareness for your body will increase and you will be able to implement this also in your home practice after a while.

Please note: In case of an injury, please contact a doctor in advance.



60 min: 70 Euro. 90 min: 80 Euro

5 block 60 min: 325 Euro. 10*60 min: 600 Euro

5 block 90 min: 375 Euro. 10*90 min: 700 Euro