Looking for an opportunity to deepen your practice, taking it beyond the mat and shala and integrating it with your life?


Take a break from everyday life for yourself. Reconnect with yourself. Experience a change.

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My retreats take place in a beautiful environment, nearby the sea or the mountains. Places to recharge, to enjoy stillness and a vast open sky and the community of same minded people.

In every retreat we will practice methods for mindfullness and meditation, asanas, deep relaxation and we will also have a philosophical input and contemplation every day.

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What to expect?

Small groups (max. 16 persons) to ensure personalized care to every student as every student has personal requirements. You will learn how to face challenges that are suitable for you on a mental, physical or emotional level. That way you will gain selfconfidence and grow in your selfpractice as well.

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My TOP AIM is to empower you to develope a stable self practice and to integrate yoga as a way of life. The qualities that I found in my own practice which I can therefore offer to you are:

  1. focus
  2. discipline
  3. awareness
  4. fullness
  5. joy
  6. intensity

My retreats are an invitation to celebrate this opportunity and to go deep with ourselves. By celebration I don´t mean a full heart „YES“ to all that is and that will occur through the practice, may it be challenging are blissful.

My teaching is precise and exact as I only teach what I have experienced and practiced myself intensely.


Very professional guidance and very empathic. The perfect addition to Tai Chi and Kung Fu training!

Walter, 48


A link to accomodation and how to reach the place is always provided. 3 vegetarian yogic meals a day are included and depending on the place some cultural experience is provided as well.