Space originates in slowness. Space is consciousness. – Veni Labi


On the way to awareness and mindfulness one needs to slow down. Stess is reduced through moments of inner stillness and contentment and happyness are supported. With some practice already some minutes of full awareness can help to feel awake, energetic, relaxed and connected with your intuition

AND: Awareness and mindfulness are not so much about WHAT you do, but HOW. Therefore, mindfulness can be practiced by everyone in every situation, also in daily life.


9 reasons for awarenesstraining and meditation:

  1. Your stress toleranz increases.
  2. Inner clarity leads to easier and better decisions.
  3. Mental productivity increases.
  4. The ability and capacity for empathy develops, all relations will improve.
  5. All Communication will be clearer, more appreciative and direct.
  6. Judgments about perception and sensations neutralise which increases serenity and equanimity.
  7. Your breath and it´s rhythm becomes smoother, patience and tranquility increase.
  8. Meditation und awareness lead to inner centering.
  9. Alertness and happyness arise.


Everyone can practice mindfulness and awareness in every single moment of his life and BE AWARE. You don´t need to have any experience with meditation nor to be flexible. To be aware is a decision and a inner attitude.

Meditation and awareness are not targeted on sensing, perceiving or thinking „nothing“.

I offer simple and effective methods that help to sense and perceive everything clearly without loosing your inner balance. Quite the contrary you will learn to gather power and strenght with awareness.

Unconditional view, clarity and the capacity to act are some of the goals of meditation and awareness training.